Authorized PennDOT 

Online Messenger

Authorized PennDOT Online Messenger

Vehicle Registration

Hendrix Auto Tags is an Authorized PennDOT Online Messenger and can provide the following instant Vehicle Registration services:

   -> Vehicle Registration Renewals (reg card, sticker)
   -> Vehicle Registration Address Change (update card)
   -> Vehicle Registration Duplicate / Replacement (reg card, sticker, plate)
   -> Restoration Requirements (letter)
   -> Issuance of Special Fund Plates (Wildlife, Zoo, DARE, Heritage plates)
   -> Retired Status Vehicle Registration Renewal (reg card, sticker)
   -> Transfer Registration (reg card)
   -> Duplicate Title (title mailed next day from Harrisburg)
   -> Request for Vehicle Information (basic vehicle abstract or basic encumbrance abstract)
   -> Heavy Truck Registration Renewal (reg card / sticker) 

We can also provide all other traditional Messenger Services including:

   -> Vehicle Title Transfers 
   -> Temporary In-Transit Tags
   -> Handicapped Placards and Plates
   -> Vanity Plates
   -> Notary Seals
   -> and much more!

                                             STATE AND SERVICES FEES APPLY

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